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Parking Reservation Service is a visitor parking management service that will help generate a stream of income for your property. This service enables Property Managers and Owners to lease their parking spot full time, by the hour, or whenever their parking lot is not in use.
The parking lot would be open to anyone who pre-pays to park in a spot. Property Managers and Owners also have the option of designating parking spots for different guests (Ex. VIP, guest). To help manage the lot, Property Managers and Owners will have access to a web portal where they can request a tow through their individual log in. One of the features that other users have found to be very helpful is the ability to have a geo view of their property which shows which visitor parking spot is available and which ones are occupied.
  • Lease your parking full time, by the hour, or whenever it’s not in use
  • Parking spot open to everyone who pre-pay to reserve a spot
  • Designate parking spot for certain type of guest (Ex: VIP, visitors)
  • Property Managers and Owners can request a tow through their individual login
  • Geo view that shows your parking lot layout and which parking spots are available
Smart Parking Permits
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